Thursday, June 26, 2014

FIFA authority compromised Blatter to be removed

    tasting bad? why Mr. Suarez is making such a face after he bit Italian player Giorgio Chiellini?      

After sinking his teeth on Chiellini' shoulder, FIFA decided to suspend Uruguay’s Luis Suarez for nine matches and to ban him for four months.That's it. 

This is how FIFA considers integrity of the game a number one priority respect to the concept of "winning" which after Suarez assault it sounds more and more like Charlie Sheen's latest philosophy. 

The whole world of sport was expecting FIFA to make an example of Luis Suarez but it didn't happen. 

Hence we have to acknowledge that the authority of FIFA is completely compromised because it failed to protect the integrity of the game which is instead its main duty.

You have to keep in mind that Suarez behavior outside of the field would be punished by the Law as "Aggravated Assault and Battery" which in many US states would lead the defendant to be sentenced to several years of imprisonmnent, depending on the local statute. 

Although for Sepp Blatter, biting someone on the field is not something that has to be discouraged, quiet the contrary.

Although here the problem is not just the authority of FIFA but the whole mentality surrounding the World Cup and the attitude of "winning at every cost and by any mean"

Uruguay put a serial biter on the field, knowing he could strike at any time, and in the aftermath of Tuesday’s assault the team had the audacity to defend Suarez' despicable conduct. Nonetheless Uruguay’s coach, Oscar Tabarez, told reporters "Suarez was being unfairly attacked by journalists", and said This is a football World Cup, not about morality, cheap morality.According to Tabarez protecting football players from being biten during a match is a matter of "cheap morality". 

On my vision Oscar Tabarez words are those of sociopath criminal who tries to protect his accomplice from being legally pursued by justice.

All of this happened without being noticed by the on-field officials, which can be considered at least as "perplexing". 

And, without a doubt, this non-call had a crucial impact on the outcome of the game because Italy was playing a man down and sending off Suarez for biting would have evened the sides and altered Uruguay’s strategy. Shortly after, with the man advantage, Uruguay scored the match’s only goal, sending it on to the elimination round.

Besides what really can be defined as absolutely pathetic is the theatrical level reached by diving which has almost become a subsidiary sport within football itself. Please take a look at the pathetic pose that Luis Suarez holds right after having bitten Giorgio Chiellini in the picture above. What is he doing? Is maybe pretending the bite did hurt himself and he needs some sort of compassion because of it? 

Do you realize how pathetic is all this?

Here we come at the very reason why Mr. Sepp Blatter must be removed from the FIFA. 

1) Why the referee didn't expell Suarez for the assault? 2) Why the referee wasn't informed by the lineman about the assault? 

Which leads to the necessity of introudicing the INSTANT REPLAY as the main tool of the referee to preside over the game. 

We need the instant replay to be part of the refereeing activity because we are in 2014 and assault after assault we have acknowledged that the referee even with the help of the linemen is absolutely unable to see everything that goes on on the field 

Something that inside the FIFA everyone perfectly knows since the dawn of times but under Sepp Blatter nothing moves. Nothing happens. Nothing changes. Everything is stuck in uncertainty and doubt, without considering for a moment that the World Cup is the most followed event on the planet and keeping up uncertainty on such a global contest it means you are simply crazy. Do you realize the implications of taking a decision that affects at least two nations that play at the world cup? Can we seriously allow a sociopath behaviour like Luis Suarez to be tolerated within a global event like the World Cup? Can we really afford to keep Sepp Blatter as President of FIFA? Someone who tolerates violence on the field, and does absolutely nothing to prevent it? 

David Di Martino, a P.R. Professional affirmed that "If  FIFA's leaders were my client in crisis, here is what I would tell them. If FIFA wanted to show its own teeth, it could take the immediate step of disqualifying the Uruguay team from further competition. That would send a message to everyone involved in the game that biting is not acceptable and that FIFA takes player safety seriously. It would also demonstrate to young people and fans alike that the integrity of the game comes before winning."

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