Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mattarella is abysmal embarassment to the Italian people

The world famous "That awkward moment" meme doesn't apply when you're the President of a country like Italy and you're stuck speechless in front of a head of State, especially if the Head of State happens to be the Queen of the United Kingdom and you're supposed to greet her at least with the best of your ability whilst you should feel at least inspired by such a meeting. 

The lack of inspiration means either you're unfit for the role or you're unfit for the role. Tertium non datur. 

In the video we see the man walking into the room, shaking the Queen's hand while she's saying "Morning......I'm glad to have the chance to see you today" and as the Queen is expecting a human reaction we see this man's face weirdly grimacing while standing still then getting completely stuck...without being able to produce the lowest sound. 

He didn't pronounce a single word nor was he able to express the smallest joy for meeting with Queen Elizabeth. He actually looks like completely dumb and you can hear the Queen asking him "This is the first time you have been in London?".

That's what I love about the English humour: that is absolutely stinging. The Queen remarked his dullness with a simple question that disguised another question which is instead a statement: "Did your parents have any children that lived?". I mean you have the chance of a lifetime of meeting the Queen and you're stuck speechless? Are you the President of Italy or just a bystander? 

The second question is the lethal shot as the Queen goes:"...and how long is it since you have been President?" whose translation is "is it the first time you go out alone?",

What would you say to a foreign dignitary who isn't able to make a sound and get stuck in front of another Head of State? That is unfit for the role, period. 

What is much worse than what the President did (or didn't) is the fact that not a single Italian news media reported the news.

Kudos to the Queen for helping the Italian people understand who its President really is. 

We needed a British epiphany to wake up.


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