Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Facebook & Microsoft must stop spamming us!

Suggested movies, suggested music, suggested tv programs...the other day I was trying to store my video files on my new Netbook which unfortunately came out with Windows 8. Out of the blue my video files were off the screen and  a whole strip of movie posters popped up while a sign said "pick up your favorite movie". 

Get lost! I don't want to see YOUR  movies! I want to organize my video files! get outta here! 
Please consider I was also off line!!! 

Today same thing, I was updating my personal info on Facebook and I scrolled down to the film section and I saw a number of titles I did not recognize. There were even liked films I never ever seen in my whole life!!! WTF!!! Again! a whole strip of movie posters popped up in front of my eyes I couldn't get them off of my way! But the worst insult was the fact that over this strip of movie poster there was a line saying: "suggested movies". Suggested movies? Who are you????? Somebody just hacked my Facebook account!!! 

Once there was the spam and we got rid of it with the Internet Security software. Today we are facing the same threat because this is spam too, but it's made on purpose by the biggest Internet companies: Facebook, Microsoft and Google who should be responsible and have an ethical code. 

Ok you can say " this is free stuff you have to understand they have to get some extra money for their poor families in need downtown Palo Alto". I see, so why don't you charge me a fee if I don't want this stuff on my account? I am ready to pay to get rid of that. They should also give the chance to those who invest in Facebook advertising to shape their own account the way they like the best.

I have had enough experience with these things to be able to tell you that sooner or later this will go away because the discontent of the Internet users is way too high on these things and sooner than what you imagine, free-suggestion competitors will pop up like mushrooms in the near future. 

Obviously Internet users will move to those suggestion-free software and the world will be back to normality. However until that moment we will have to tolerate these moron companies bothering our sight with their stupid suggestion policy. They are spammers and they don't realize people hate that thing! I would really like to know if Mark Zuckerberg has Movie suggestions in his account. I am sure he doesn't.