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Governor Deval Patrick must immediately end Christopher McCowen' shameful conviction

    Patsy: Christopher McCowen 

Christopher McCowen's wrongful conviction is not just a shame for the State of Massachusetts. It's a shame for America and its entire legal system.

Christa Worthington was stabbed to death at her home in Truro, Massachusetts (on Cape Cod). Her body was found on January 6, 2002, with her two-year-old daughter, Ava, clinging to her body

Cape Cod District Attorney Michael O'Keefe was quoted in Maria Flook's book "Invisible Eden: A Story of Love and Murder on Cape Cod," as saying that Christa Worthington was "an equal opportunity employer as she'd (expletive) the husbands of her female friends. The butcher or the banker." 

The remark outraged Christa's family. Nonetheless, it became increasingly clear that there were a lot of people who "intimately knew" Christa that could have had motive to kill her. 

Not long after her move to Truro, Christa began a relationship with a shellfish constable and married father of six, Tony Jackett, 51. The affair lasted off and on for around two years. Then, in 1998, what Christa would later describe as "a miracle" happened: She learned that she was pregnant.

When Tony was informed about the pregnancy, he was deeply concerned that it would spell doom for his marriage. An article by Franci Richardson in the Boston Herald quoted Tony, who said, "I wasn't looking to end my marriage but I am human. It was her choice to have the baby." Consequently, he ended his relationship with Christa.

Not long afterwards, Christa became involved with book author Tim Arnold who also happened to be her neighbor and the first person who found her body.

Tim was quoted in the Boston Herald saying that he thought she was "really intelligent and sometimes caustic and quick and wittyjust really full of life." However, the relationship did not last, because Christa believed they were incompatible. They remained good friends.

Because the crime scene offered no major lead, Police detectives began interviewing those who knew Christa hoping to find new information that might provide more insight into her death. Persons of Interest in this case were:  Elizabeth Porter  (the mistress of Christa's father), Tony Jackett (the shellfish constable) and Tim Arnold the book author/former lover/neighbor/the person who found her body.

What detectives discovered was a series of complex relationships that put some of the individuals in a more questionable light. Although at the end of the the investigation, the police had no break nor the smallest lead, so they decided to rely upon the only existing physical evidence. Even if it was not the kind of evidence that supported a murder theory albeit a fairy tale of the old west, or better from the old south.

The suspect is a black male.

We don't want to blame the victim here. Not at all. Nor we want to blame the Prosecutor because being himself a politician he represents the will of the local community But the local community is indeed the only place where we have to look for the real guilty party.

Because other than killing Christa, the second major crime committed in Truro, Massachusetts it was the conviction of Christopher McCowen to a life sentence while everybody knew he's absolutely and completely innocent. 

Christa Worthington had a happy sexual life that by adopting an euphemism could have been defined as "libertine". 

Although both the investigators and the family, despite the hyper sexual activity of the victim, they both refused to consider the possibility that McCowen, a black garbage hauler, had a consensual sexual relationship with the white, Vassar-educated victim. 

Basically the whole burden of proof against Christopher McCowen was based upon the impossible scenario that Christa Worthington could ever had sex with an African-American man. Simply because that would mean to put into discussion Newton's principle of gravity and that the sky is blue. 

Christopher McCowen was convicted of murder because a black male with an IQ of 78 cannot have sex with an "educated" white woman. 

The major force propping up the evil black man who rape and kills the white well educated woman was Christa Worthington's family.

That same family that soon after McCowen's arrest, began a lawsuit against Cape Cod Disposal Co. for $10 million, for employing McCowen even though he had a criminal record. 

The same family whose credibility was put in doubt by Christa Worthington's cousin, Jan Worthington, 54, whose testimony was called into question because of the deal she struck up with HBO, who was filming the court proceedings, and Lifetime, that covered the murder in a documentary and teleplay.

In practice Jan Worthington fully exploited her cousin by profiting from her murder. Even though Jan Worthington admitted to profiting, she said that she was mainly trying "to protect Christa's image". 

In addition, it seems that the same Jan Worthington being one of the first persons on the crime scene, not only contaminated the scene but provided different accounts of what she did when she showed up at her cousin's home..

There were contradictory reports made by Jan Worthington: at one time she told a reporter that she touched Christa's body to feel a pulse and an even earlier admission made to police where she said she "'freaked out' upon seeing the body and never touched or even approached it,". Jan Worthington claimed that the accurate version of events was that given to a reporter, an account which had been filmed for an HBO documentary in which she was also professionally involved.

Jan Worthington was the person who pointed the finger towards Christopher McCowen because on her opinion it would have been impossible that her promiscuous cousin would have slept with a man of a different complexion.

The real guilty party here is Christa Worthington's family, the worst example of human beings on this planet.

Christopher McCowen was sentenced to life in prison for first degree murder, sexual assault and robbery.
The only evidence upon which the whole case was based it was the dna found on Christa Worthington body, despite the fact that the medical examiner found no trace of sexual violence whatsoever.

Eventually McCowen defense team obtained a hearing to consider racial bias allegations among jurors during Christopher McCowen's murder trial. that  was held in Barnstable Superior Court. Although the motion requesting a new trial was rejected by the Court.

The village of Truro is 37 miles from John Kennedy's memorial, but the way this trial has been conducted seems more suitable to Birmingham, Alabama.

After the trial to Christopher McCowen ended, it was discovered Christa Worthington died in a different time respect to the time assumed by the Medical Examiner. This says all about how the Christa Worthington investigation was conducted.

We warmly invite Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to take into serious consideration the opportunity to grant his pardon to Christopher McCowen because he's the greatest living sign that American Justice is now more dead than Christa Worthington.

E Pluribus Unum


  1. Personally, as uncle to the setup boy/hitman for the government. I will be asking for just this scenario, from the African American MA Governor, this year. The African American President and AG were addressed, but pathetically are a part of the larger corrupted Communities.

  2. Even a simpleton can see that Christopher is the fall guy. He is clearly innocent and when he does get out, he should sue the state.

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