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Why Oliver Stone is the King of Deception

     King of Deception: Oliver Stone embraced dark figures like Government sponsored Wikileaks and the NSA 

Politics is not the art of possible said Jean Paul Sartre, and certainly politics is not for children, especially if they are incurable daydreamers like American Director Oliver Stone

I am talking about Stone's recent comment on President Obama whom he openly insulted by calling him "a snake".

The reason behind Oliver Stone's comment, relies on his frustration over his mockumentary series "The untold history of the United States" which not only was a complete bomb but led him to the desperate attempt of insulting the President of the United States. Probably Mr. Stone found inspiration from Conservative pundit Anne Coulter, a disturbed woman who called President Obama "A retard" just to attract public attention.

Certainly we did not expect Mr. Stone to reach such a low point, as he really made some amazing Presidential movies in the past, like Nixon (1995) and JFK (1992).

However it's not just the comment he made but the reason behind his indignation that deserve to be investigated. The total failure of his latest documentary series, together with his gratuitous support to ambiguous organizations like Wikileaks and dark figures like Assange and Edward Snowden, they are all clear signs that he's now an old man, whose weakness for investigative journalism led him to buy the worst form of  propaganda.

What's worst is the fact that his maverick instinct for truth and justice is well buried in his past.

First of all, we would like to examine the reasons why Mr. Stone wants us "to turn on President Obama" and what led him to insult the President:

Stone said assumed NSA leaker Edward Snowden "sacrificed himself for the good of the country" and Mr. Oliver Stone praised Russia for giving Snowden asylum: "I think (Russian President Vladimir) Putin did the right thing, and I'm proud of him for doing it," he said.

What is really amazing is Oliver Stone praising "the sacrifice" of (former?) NSA employer/leaker Edward Snowden although what is really hard to understand is what was Edward Snowden' sacrifice? Travelling to Hong Kong? Or staying in a four star hotel for more than a month?

I respect Mr. Stone's past work as screenwriter and as director of some great Hollywood movies of the past but how Mr. Stone could possibly swear that Mr. Edward Snowden is not still working for the NSA? How do you know Mr. Snowden's commitment as a leaker is not part of a larger intelligence plan? What kind of evidence you can provide Mr. Snowden is not still on duty?  

Another famous public stance of Mr. Stone is his unconditional support of Wikileaks as the new Democracy beacon which lightened up the world of secrecy. 

My question is: what's the great contribution of Wikileaks to increase world's freedom and awareness?

I want to remind you what Wikileaks contribution really did consist of: 

One of the major accomplishment of Wikileaks was to increase the UN sanctions against Iran. Indeed some of the most advertised leaks were that Iran was supplying new forms of suicide vests for Al-Qaeda and that the revolutionary guard's al Quds force were training Iraqi Shia militants on Iranian soil. This was exactly what the US government was affirming since long time but no media outlets were interested. When the cable was released by Wikileaks it was welcomed as the Gospel and acclaimed as the news of the year!

These revelations made the basis for the new sanctions to Iran by the United Nations.

Another important (Wiki)Leak, suggested that Pakistan, an ostensible ally of the United States, allowed representatives of its Intelligence service to meet directly with the Taliban, implying that the Pakistani intelligence was entangled with the Talibans in Afghanistan and this is exactly what the US government was affirming since long time but no media outlets were interested in the news.

Another leaked diplomatic cable from U.S. Embassy in The Hague revealed that Dutch Oil company Shell exported oil to Iran, yet pressed for imposing broader UN trade sanctions on Iran and forcing Chinese and Russian firms to comply, so as to “level the playing field”. In practice Wikileaks helped the American Oil industry in stopping his major competitors (Shell, BP and the Chinese companies) from doing business in Iran.  

In 2009, the top U.S. diplomat in Damascus disclosed that Syria had begun delivery of ballistic missiles to Hezbollah, according to official cables leaked to and published by WikiLeaks.

One of the U.S. government cables released by WikiLeaks exposed the corruption of Tunisia's President's Ben Ali's family, its reach into business in the country, and ability to transcend the rule of law. The Wikileaks cable about Tunisia was like a spark in a storage of black powder. Indeed in the three years before the Tunisian spring, the US Mission in Tunis tried to offer greater cooperation to the Tunisians and they said they wanted it, but not shied from making plain the need for change. The US mission has been blocked by the Foreign Ministry that managed to control all its contacts in the government and many other organizations. Although when the Wikileaks cable on Tunisian President Ben Ali went public, everything changed: the Arab Spring started and for the US Embassy in Tunis was like a dream coming true.

Another well advertised (Wiki) leak was that the Italian secret serviceman Nicola Calipari got killed at the US checkpoint because his car had lights switched off. This leak just by chance confirmed the Pentagon´s official position and contributed to completely vaporize this hot diplomatic potato that put at risk once again the relations between the US and Italy. 

Also Wikileaks obtained the names of 2000 Swiss Bank account holders, whose names were eventually handed over to the IRS who seized the accounts and prosecuted the bank customers. 

From the Arab Spring to the U.N Sanctions against Iran and Syria, to the release of 2000 Swiss Bank account holders, in practice Wikileaks helped the US government in achieving all its goals in a timing that would had been impossible if Wikileaks did not help them with their Public Relations machine.

In practice it seems that the Wikileaks objectives were perfectly matching those of the State Department, the CIA and the IRS. Congratulations! Now there is another supporter of the dark bureaucratic forces: Oliver Stone. The old director completely embraced  the Wikileaks cause. Wow! this guy is a Freedom genius! 

It doesn't matter if Wikileaks dark figure is obviously a megaphone of the darker government outlets, the American director is completely blinded with the great contribution to freedom of Wikileaks and the great charisma of Julian Assange, the propaganda officer who is now running for Senate in Australia only to find a way out from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he lives like in an XIX penny dreadful. 

In the meanwhile Private "Old Shoe" Bradley Maninng goes for a sex-change operation to become Chelsea Manning. Compared to the movie Wag the Dog, the Wikileaks saga is a Greek Tragedy.  

What is really appalling is the world's audience not only got fooled by Wikileaks but it also became a huge brand for Truth, Justice and mostly credibility. No doubt about it. Wikileaks is the most credible source in the world, except for the fact that Wikileaks does not accept public solicitations for its leaks, you can't send your leaks, neither if you are an industry or government insider because they don't accept unsolicited leaks.
If Wikileaks doesn't accept unsolicited leaks, where do they get their leaks from?

The cables released by Wikileaks were just daily field intelligence reports that the Pentagon releases thousands of times a day. These cable were just boring to death reports that nobody wanted to read and no tv network would ever mention on their news headlines neither if you would pay them for. Although because the great Wikileaks organization released them, these "leaks" were able to provoke an outrageous reaction from almost any institution while saturating the media news headlines other than creating an iron alliance between The Guardian, The New York Times and Der Spiegel. In practice the world's most important media.

It's like if Wikileaks is a giant recycler of those daily field intelligence reports that otherwise won´t find their way to the audience because they´re so boring nobody would ever read it even in the john.

What is really weird is that Wikileaks with its cables, Snowden with his revelations (what revelation?) and Oliver Stone with his Untold History of the United States did not reveal any untold truth nor any relevant secret. What they did is just creating a cloud of smoke in their followers eyes. 

On September 28, 2010 six USAF retired officers including a former base commander, stated they had UFO encounters that possibly have completely compromised in more than one occasion the national nuclear defence systems of both US and UK.

After such an explosive statement, the reactions from both mainstream media, the US government and the British government was: absolutely nothing. Zero. Vice versa the week after Wikileaks published those "pentagon papers" on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars on their website, the reactions from mainstream media and governments were enormous in volumes and indignation. 

Strangely, no Wikileaks cable ever mentioned nor confirmed such an explosive news, nor Edward Snowden revealed anything on this subject and there's no trace of this in Mr. Oliver Stone's "Untold history of the United States". Why? Because these people are propaganda officers whose only objective is diminishing people's awareness, spread disinformation and keep up with the truth embargo on a key issue like life in the Universe.

Snowden is defined "the greatest breach in the US security", Wikileaks is an organization whose goal is to reveal secret government information, while Oliver Stone made a documentary series called "The Untold history of the United States".

According to Dr. Steven Greer, the Director of the Disclosure Project, Life in the Universe is the most kept secret of the United States (probably the only one too) more than the Hydrogen bomb. But not Edward Snowden, not Wikileaks and nor the Untold History of U.S. by Oliver Stone ever even mentioned a single word over Life in the Universe. Why? Because they are false flag disinformation outlets, whose only objective is to deceive public opinion. My words and judgement might sound weird, conspiratorial or even crazy at this time but I warmly invite you to reflect on all this and see what's coming. I only ask you to check the facts, of the past and of the future.

In the meanwhile, if President Obama is a snake, we can affirm without the trace of a doubt that Oliver Stone is the King of Deception.

E Pluribus Unum

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