Friday, November 1, 2013

Why the NSA-scandal is another fake like Benghazi

After the Benghazi fake scandal, the AP eavesdropping, the IRS, the Umbrellagate, the war on Facebook and the government shutdown, Republican's terrorist strategy is back on stage with this Astroturfed-NSA-Spying story.

This is a story about a bunch of loose wingnuts exploiting their knowledge of Intelligence reports for domestic political interests, like smearing the current President whilst trying to keep people away from social media and politics.

Although this story started long time ago:

June 17 1972, five former CIA operatives get arrested for breaking and entering into the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters at the Watergate complex. The burglary was aimed at installing a wiretapping system and it eventually led to the President's resignation.

May 2013, former CIA employee and NSA contractor Edward Snowden disclosed classified details of several top-secret United States, Israeli, and British government mass surveillance programs to the press.

History repeating, same modus operandi, same pattern: an eavesdropping operation is being exposed to the world only to discredit the incumbent President.

At this very historical moment, President Obama is probably the most popular President in the whole history of the United States. Even though Forbes two days ago ranked him only as the second most powerful figure after Vladimir Putin.

It's always the same old story, once the White House lodger gets too much popular or too much unpopular, some people tend to get nervous about it.

In 1972 Richard Nixon had become a dead horse and it had been decided to get rid of his presence at the White House by sending a bunch of five unaware brave men to a dead-end mission. Those men's lives and careers were sacrificed on the altar of politics.

Today those same people who made Nixon resign are exploiting their narrow knowledge of Intelligence programs and reports for the only purpose of discrediting President Obama.

Two days ago, General Keith Alexander, the NSA Director, told a congressional hearing that the phone call data in question had not involved European citizens. President Obama affirmed he had no knowledge about the NSA spying over European leaders. And I completely trust them both because nor Admiral Alexander nor President Obama were dancing the Washington ballet back in 1972.

Why in the world the biggest spying agency on the planet would need to expose itself by revealing "we are spying on everyone"? It does not make any sense. A spying agency doesn't have public exposure as its business goal, quiet the contrary. Although since last May the NSA has been on the news headlines almost every day and their latest exposure of these days is the second promotional wave of this fictional movie called "let's put the President down."

Ask yourself the Roman question: Cui Prodest?

Whom does it benefit?

Who gets the more benefits from discrediting the current administration?

In the past few months Republican's "Holocaust on the Poor" agenda has been aggressively attacked by the public opinion especially through Social Media. They lost their pathetic effort to defund Obamacare, they lost their $40 bn food stamps cut, and they failed big time with the government shutdown.

They just got off the "shutdown bandwagon" while they already jumped on the NSA fake scandal's train.
This is their last train though. Thing is, if they don't get this train wreck running, they are going to lose and
lose big time.

They already lost huge chunks of consent but they still have two options: they can leave the scene with honor or they can leave the scene being humiliated.

For sure they have another genius-like Plan after this, but I don't want to even think about it, because if they are ready to shut down the government and exploiting the major spy-agency, God only knows what we have to expect from their last hour of life.

Lately I couldn't help but think to Pat Buchanan's last rant when the shutdown failed to stop the Patient Care Act: "better to destroy the country like Samson than to pass Obamacare". This is their attitude: If we don't get it, we'll destroy America.

In the meanwhile their 1960's South-American propaganda keeps going through their bunch of fake-Christian Conservatives who keep vomiting nonsense with the only purpose to nauseate people about Politics. Same old tactics, same old story.

Unfortunately we are not in the 1960s anymore nor are we in Latin America.

Things for the Grand Old Party have become extremely serious since the political debate moved to the social media environment, where they have absolutely no control over the people's opinion. The worst nightmare of the Republican Party has become real once the one-way-only media era was over.

Now we are living in the Interactive Era, where people are able to reply to the media they make comments and every single person on the planet is entitled to express his/her own opinion. It's understandable that these dinosaurs are in great distress, because the propaganda bible they are equipped with, was written in the 1950 and it doesn't say anything about social media and its sabotage.

So in response to this desperate situation they went back to the same old trick they already used dozens of times in the past 40 years:

- 1973: Watergate - the five “plumbers” who have been hired to protect the White House from possible leaks are instead being exploited with a fake wiretapping op. They have been framed to expose the eavesdropping scandal and to make President Nixon resign.

- 1981: Jimmy Carter - GOPs negotiate the delay of the Iran’s hostages release on Reagan's inauguration's day.

- 2003: Republican Richard Armitage publicly exposed CIA operative Valerie Plame as a CIA asset

- In May 2013 someone reveals that the Associated Press in Washington has been under surveillance by the NSA. President Obama affirms he has “no hand” in it.

Despite having access to sensitive data these Neanderthal really have a huge lack in terms of imagination. Exploiting their knowledge of Intelligence operations and use it for political purpose is something that even my dog can do. Then it depends HOW you do it. Do you realize this fake NSA spying thing is not only not working but it's going to crumble like a house of cards and be completely debunked while once again you are going to get exposed as the usual spoil-sports?

You have to consider that within the field of Intelligence, imagination is everything, while these loose cannons are acting like those Zoolander models who shoot gasoline on each other and then they light up a cigarette.

How can you be so mentally disabled to expect today’s audience being ready to buy the same story twice after forty years? Do you think you're dealing with a bunch of assholes?

Indeed I personally think that the U.S Attorney General should look into these series of abuses made over Federal premises and resources to investigate and find out those who are responsible of these heinous crimes against the American People, the Federal Government and the credibility of the US Government worldwide.

How in the world a bunch of crooks can be allowed to handle sensitive data and abuse the Federal Government for their own personal mischievous interest? Besides by perpetuating this NSA fake spying operation, the NSA is losing its credibility and this will inevitably lead the political debate to question the legitimacy of spying, in a world where people are instead willing to share content through Social Media.

Schizophrenic contradictions are another distinctive mark of the GOP's strategy. They don't consider what the current trends are, they head straight to the ditch. Pull the Vet's electrical wheelchair with one hand while cutting their healthcare with the other.

This whole NSA thing has the typical GOP's Neanderthal style: Aggressive news headlines aimed at spreading terror and fear in full 1950's South American propaganda style.

This brilliant project is certainly part of that same strategy that led to the government shutdown. In practice this is their R-Plan to discredit President Obama. Their dream it would be to make the President resign.

Although being these people just amateurs, they make mistakes, especially when they are too much secure of themselves. For example Rush Limbaugh yesterday compared President Obama to Richard Nixon claiming "he's a worse liar than Nixon".

First big mistake: if you conduct an Intelligence operation and you are on the field to publicly expose someone, you must never ever even mentioning or comparing a current operation with another one unless it's a third party to do so. The fact that Limbo made such a huge mistake it means they do not have enough consent and the operation is not taking off as they were expecting or at least they are too anxious to make it work. Huge mistake.

As a matter of fact this is the second launch of the NSA-commercial, having the first happened in May. This NSA thing is not working because people is not buying it like the other phony scandals and what's worse this is going to expose the wild bunch to public humiliation because narcissism when applied to Intelligence is absolutely lethal.

They made a similar mistake (probably their biggest) when they arranged the release of the American hostages at the U.S. Embassy in Teheran. Their will to discredit Jimmy Carter was so strong that they let the hostages for two more months in the hands of the terrorists, (while they could have been already be freed) just because they wanted the release to happen when Ronald Reagan swore-in on January 21, 1981.

This is narcissism and narcissism shows your weakness, it exposes your modus operandi, which is your signature and this can be a problem for any organization that wants to stay behind the scenes.

If you have a narcissist within your ranks you'd better have him fired or shift him to another position. Certainly when you work on such an important operation like freeing American Hostages in a foreign country you can't shift the release-day to please your team and your President, because you are going to get burned.

Also, I don't think the public opinion today would approve playing with people's lives only to please yourself and your pals. I do remember when Mr. Frank Carlucci on a vintage documentary he was asked if the release of the hostages was scheduled on purpose to please Mr. Reagan he denied it with a smirk.
I simply Loved it!

Unfortunately all these people are very old and they are stuck in the 1950s mentality, they think that people are still in front of their tv-set ready to buy their old school propaganda but people are not buying it because their trash is recognizable anywhere they dump it. Once you read something on the news that aims at spreading fear and terror that's the GOP signature.

You can't propose the same eavesdropping fake scandal twice after 40 years. Only the brainless follows the same route twice.

I really feel a lot of sympathy for both Admiral Alexander and President Obama at this very moment because they have been fingered for being responsible of something they do not have any control over it nor they know anything about it.

Besides they have no clues to identify who's responsible of this trash because being the NSA procedures classified material you cannot invite journalists to come over for a tea, nor you can show them logs or anything along that line. I mean how can you demonstrate a federal agency did not spy on someone? It's impossible.

Although this is the major weakness of this whole story, because Republicans cannot demonstrate either that NSA spied on European Citizens. They just hired the usual giant propaganda machine paying it with their huge amount of money. Business as usual: it doesn't matter how much would it cost. It has to be done.

We are here to stand with our bravest men like President Obama and Admiral Alexander because they need to be defended by this smearing campaign which has absolutely no reason to go on.

Because the NSA did not spy on any Foreign leader whatsoever.

E Pluribus Unum


  1. i all so believe that the republican's are behind the problems that do exist in the so called obamacare. we must fight to not let them defete us.

  2. Interesting, and I have no doubt of the veracity of the story, because dirty tricks is indeed the MO of the Republican party.
    However, the author would be all the more credible had he used proper grammar and hired a proof reader!

    1. I totally agree with you. Are you available as proofreader? Seriously! I am desperately seeking one. Thanks.