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Greenwald's proscription list put the word end to Snowden's comedy show

Writing another piece on the odd couple Snowden and Greenwald is like taking out the trash at night.

You want to procrastinate that moment as long as you can and maybe the trash will magically vanish by itself.

The problem is I can easily forget about both of them but unfortunately there are people out there who still think that Snowden is a real leaker and Greenwall a real journalist.

I didn't use the word "trash" by chance, the whole Snowden story is a giant pile of trash, a trashy show that was staged  the old way by the same old production which finds no other place in today's conscious world than in a dumpster. 

The latest episode of the saga is called "proscription list".

In ancient Rome, the proscription list was a posted notice listing Roman citizens who had been declared outlaws and whose goods were confiscated. Rewards were offered to anyone killing or betraying the proscribed, and severe penalties were inflicted on anyone harbouring them. 

Their properties were confiscated, and their sons and grandsons were forever barred from public office and from the Senate.

In more recent times, the most famous proscription list is the one that Adolf Hitler published before the invasion of Poland  that identified more than 61,000 members of Polish elites: activists, intelligentsia, scholars, actors, former officers, and others, who were to be interned or shot. 

Making a list of citizens who are not welcomed by a government or any other institution is a typical tool of every respectful dictatorship

People tend to forget that Steven Spielberg' "Schindler's List" is the story of the Jewish Holocaust that was possible only thanks to the proscription lists.

As a matter of fact in Schindler's list opening scene you see a bunch of nazis registering people's names on their typewriting machines, that's why the typewriting machine became the symbol of the Holocaust, because it was the main tool used by the nazis to perform a mass killing like a typical office duty. 

Lists and typewriters are the symbol of the bureaucratic killing machine to give the audience the idea of a system of cold, mighty hierarchical power. 

June 1 2014, Glenn-I-know-real-leakers-Greenwald takes on Nazi style and announces he has a 'list' of NSA-targeted US dissidents but when he's being asked by American Journalist Naomi Wolf to publish the proscription list he tweets her back that he has some unspecified "Privacy Concern" and he wants to respect the people's privacy.

Privacy???? Keeping secret a list of names of people labelled as "dissidents" by the US Government? Where's Mr. Greenwald's quest for freedom? Eventually Greenwald's tweet has been deleted. I wonder why.

First of all if the United States Government would publish such a list that will be the end of Democracy as we know it and the end of the United States reputation as the Land of Freedom.

Second of all, by simmering the release of a proscription list Glenn-I-know-real-leakers Greenwald would be the main accomplice of a fearmongering campaign to devastate the lives of those millions who might even slightly think they could be in that list.

Where all this could possibly lead us to?

As I have been affirming in my first review of the Snowden show back in September 2013, Gleen Greenwald is just a bookkeeper, he's the employee of the year who does his homework as soon as he's being asked for by his owners.

He can be compared to French Lawyer Joseph Haennig, who during the French Nazi regime of Vichy, published an article to enlarge the boundaries of the concept of Jewishness so that more people could have been deported and killed in concentration camps.

According to Prof. Richard Weisberg who studied the Vichy lawyers more in depth than anyone on this planet, Vichy lawyers, thanks to their interpretational skills, they ingrained ability to avoid the conflict between the racial laws and the foundational egalitarianism of traditional French Constitutional Law.

Mr Greenwald, who not by chance is a Lawyer, is the perfect reincarnation of Joseph Haenning's sociopath attitude. He is being paid to play the slave of a fearmongering show, whose only objective since day one was to terrorize independent journalists to go on writing because they were under surveillance.

Mr. Greenwald perfectly knows that proscription lists are themselves not only illegal but ethically and morally unacceptable because they belong to Nazi Germany "best practices" and the United States Government doesn't like to be identified like "the Nazi Regime" because it doesn't reflect the most basic values upon which America has been founded. 

And no lawyer on planet earth would be able to avoid the conflict between the US Constitution and a proscription list. More in deep no lawyer on this planet would even give such a legal abomination a try unless he wants to be crucified at the Lincoln memorial.

Hence by simmering the release of such a science-fictional list of names shows a clear will  to bring the campaign of terror started by Snowden on mass surveillance to a higher level. To its highest level. To its brinkmanship. 

The real question is why the screenplay is taking such an unexpected turninig point? 

Well, that's because the Snowden show was a total bomb at the box office and it didn't receive that amazing feedback its producers were expecting from it.

As a matter of fact, American Journalist Naomi Wolf, started to question the reliability of Snowden right after it premiered on the lamestream media one year ago.

The problem is that if a list of such kind had existed it would have had Naomi Wolf's name on top of it. Although such a move would have meant that the whole Snowden show was a giant fake as it is. Hence even if such a list would exist it could have never ever been published because it would be a lethal self-inflicting blow for the Snowden comedy show.

Unfortunately for Mr. Greenwald not everyone on this planet has his/her brain fried by the mainstream media which he wonderfully represents. Some of us have a weakness for history, that in the era of  Consciousness, the one we are living now, is a combination of past present and future combined together. The problem is these amateurs like Greenwald and Snowden completely ignore the fact that in the era of Consciousness there's no difference between past and present, it's all one. 

Moreover there is no list of dissidents because that would immediately identify the United States Government like the Germany of 1933 which is against the very meaning of Freedom upon which America was founded.

Being a Lawyer Mr. Greenwald should know these things because here we talk about the very basics. 

If Mr. Greenwald ignores such basics there are only two options left: 

1) he's the worst lawyer and the worst journalist and the worst American citizen ever


2) he willingly CHOSE to ignore these facts.Which is much more probable unless Mr. Greenwald wants to be identified as a mentally disabled person.

I think this is the moment in which a real journalist should tell his readers "You decide". 

Whoever made up this giant fake show of Snowden and Greenwald is just an amateur. We entered the era of global Consciousness and staging a fake leaking show only to spread fear and terror like if we were in the Middle Ages is simply pathetic. Next time you want to set up a show to a world audience you'll have to hire real professionals, people whose area of expertise is global consciousness, otherwise the only effect you are going to produce is boredom and pity for those poor actors whose acting skills and reputation is now completely destroyed. 

I think the casting director chose Snowden as the main character because of his physical appearance because he might look like a creepy nerdy spy, but real spies don't look like Snowden, exactly like
real journalists don't look like Greenwald. 

These people are just very low-rent actors, who were hired to play a pathetic show to spread fearmongering propaganda over an hypothetic global surveillance system and that's the beginning and the end of their circle of revelations: a bunch of hot air and a lot of stone age fearmongering propaganda. "You guys are spied on a 24/7 basis".

There are 7 billion people on this planet. If you have to spy on 7 billion people you need 35 million employees because to spy on one person you need at least 5 people (two surveillance operators who actually spy on the subject, an analyst who compares the data, a psychologist who connects the dots and a supervisor who checks the whole process)

The game is over Mr. Greenwald and you will go down in history as the employee of the year.

E Pluribus Unum

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