Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Has Germany declared War to the United States of America?

This sensational announcement was perceived as a major shift in social policy and October 10 President Obama made a statement over the urgency to make college more affordable for millennials.

Although the main problem is American Universities are mostly private organizations and they won't be able to compete with the German offer of tuition-free University.

As a matter of fact the German initiative of tuition-free University for students from all over the world is a direct blow to the American trickle-down economy system, where even the minimum wage is still considered a taboo.

Today America is being dragged into  the world championship of welfare initiatives where the top teams are represented by North European countries like Sweden, Finland, Norway and now Germany whose offer of tuition-free college is a direct threat to the very basics of America's traditional anti-government flag represented by the trickle-down economics.

As a matter of fact this is today's global war and America has been hit on its cultural identity because in terms of public consent the German offer of free tuition for American students can be considered like the Pearl Harbor not only of the trickle-down economics but of the libertarian vision as a whole.

How dares Germany offer tuition-free college to American students?

A conspiracy theorist would speculate that a lot of young Americans every day are willing to join the armed forces to get a University degree as that's one of the main reasons that lead thousands of Americans to join the military. The question that follows is this: is it possible that Germany's move is aimed at draining the United States Army of its military personnel?

I think this could be a solid argument to dismiss the German's initiative of tuition-free college and see it as a major conspiracy to drain the US military of its human capital.

Will the young Americans be more attracted by the German tuition-free offer or will they choose to join the combat zone to get their deserved degree? This is the trillion dollar question whose answer will reveal the world where real leadership stands.

We have to understand that the future of humankind is obviously towards the German model of free tuition rather than the private model based on the burdening student's loan. You can tell it by simply taking a look at the data as the loan system not only is not working but in the long term is going to destroy the American economy.

According to Forbes, Student loan debt has topped $1 trillion as two-thirds of students graduate with debt. There are nearly 37 million student loan borrowers in the United States currently repaying a student loan, according to the Fed.

It’s not just the young 20-something crowd that’s burdened with the debt. Over 60% of that the $1 trillion is held by those over 30-years-old, 15% is held by those over 50.

By making it easier to borrow money for higher education - the US government saddled more than one generation with crushing debts and inflating a bubble that could bring down the whole economy.

Here I would like to remind a sentence by President George W. Bush who used to say "access is power" that means if you make things more accessible you are empowering people.

The German leadership aims at empowering not only its own people but foreign students too and in my book, empowering people is the main task of any given leadership in the Universe that wants to be called as such.

The few media reactions to the German offer were just a bunch of rambling propaganda articles against Germany and its present leadership coming from the usual media outlets.

In fact those articles only tried to smear the current German leadership with a series of unspecified problems that will potentially affect the German economy in the future.

Then yesterday we read this news that the German Intelligence blamed pro-russians separatists for the downing of the Malaysian airlines MH17 but no German government official followed up to confirm the story.

Although on October 18 we learned that German journalist and editor Udo Ulfkotte was forced to publish the works of intelligence agents under his own name, adding that noncompliance ran the risk of being fired.

After such a revelation, the news clearly shows that a major underground conflict is going on between Germany and the U.S. and it's being fought through government-social reforms versus a perception management campaign.

If we look at this picture it seems that the real enemy of the United States is much more Germany rather than Russia.

Russia never offered tuition-free college to American students and it never announced to shut down its nuclear facilities by 2020.

Compared to Germany, the U.S. energy policy seems to go the opposite way: the current administration is  engaging in extensive atomic rebuilding by planning to invest $1 trillion in nuclear weapons.

Being this the situation, America will definitely struggle to keep up with Germany in the war for public consent.  

Unfortunately public consent today only rewards those leaders who show they care for people's real needs. How do you show you care? first by lowering social conflicts, wars, environment pollution and the poverty gap. People tend to notice these things, especially in today's world where news are globally and instantly available.

If public consent is today's warfare the trickle-down economics is the perfect self-destruction device.

The crucial question here is "can America change its libertarian approach and join the war for public consent on the social protection battlefield?"  I am not sure I can answer this question but America is famous for being totally unpredictable.

The  real problem here is that Germany is one of the richest countries in the world where unemployment is at 5% and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the country’s most popular politician ever as in a poll made this month, 79% thought she's doing a great job, a number that her American, British or French counterparts can only dream of.

If we take a look at Angela Merkel's agenda and what she was able to accomplish with her government, the only possible comment is contemplative silence. Why? well among the many things she accomplished there are pension increases, the raise of the national minimum wage to €8.50, the rent controls, the commitment to shut down nuclear facilities by 2020 and now the tuition free University for foreign students.

In a world made of media, what's at stake is public consent. How do you conquer public consent?
The most effective warfare are social protection measures and these series of initiatives taken by the German government represent nothing less than "fatal blows" aimed at no one but America.

On the other side America never showed a particular attitude towards social reforms and public welfare with the exception of President Obama's healthcare reform which has been under attack by both sides of the aisle since its very debut back in 2008.

The thing is America is not prepared to face such kind of warfare because social welfare is the weakest side of the trickle-down kingdom.

Tuition-free College? Are you kiddin' me?

Deutschland Uber Alles

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