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Is Wikileaks the new Pentagon P.R. office?

This article was originally published on November 22 2010 on the now deceased American Chronicle, then it was published on and eventually Examiner was closed. Then I published it on yahoo news and yahoo news shut down. Eventually I have published it on this blog but it just disappeared. Now I am republishing it with the hope that is here to stay or we hope so. 

The last September 28, six USAF retired officers including a former base commander, stated they had UFO encounters that possibly have completely compromised in more than one occasion the national nuclear defence systems of both US and UK. 

Strangely, after such explosive statements, the reactions from both mainstream media, the US government and the British government were absolutely non-existent. 

Vice versa the following week, once Wikileaks published those "pentagon papers" on the Iraq and Afghanistan war on their website, the reactions from mainstream media and governments were enormous in volumes and indignation. These papers had various content from the human rights violation by the coalition forces, (that has been given to the public as a bone to give Wikileaks the title of "credible source") to the fact that the US army finally found the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (but strangely they did not advertise such a petty discovery!).

Another leak was that the Italian secret serviceman Nicola Calipari got killed at the US checkpoint because his car had its lights switched off (!) confirming the Pentagon´s official statement on this hot issue. Another major leak from Wikileaks is Iran supplying new forms of suicide vests for al-Qaida. Another big revelation is the revolutionary guard's al Quds force training Iraqi Shia militants on Iranian soil (please consider that this "leak" could lead to more and tougher sanctions against Iran). Sugar on top was the one that claims: "Pakistan's spy agency collaborated with the Talibans". What is this garbage? These facts reported by Wikileaks sound like those typical daily field intelligence reports produced in the order of the thousands. These are just boring to death reports that nobody want to read and no tv network would  ever mention on their news headlines neither if you would pay them for. 

Although these "leaks" were able to provoke an outrageous reaction from almost any institution while saturating the media news headlines. It's like if Wikileaks is a giant recycler of trashy standard field intelligence reports that otherwise won´t find their way to the audience as they´re so boring nobody would ever read it even while you re in the john.

First of all these field reports are all totally fragmented: no names, no location coordinates, nor military personnel data disclosed. This means that the information cannot be considered "sensitive" neither in tactical defence terms and definitely not strategically helpful for the enemy. It´s like if a little hand erased the real sensitive information before passing them to the jerk´s hands (read Assange). State Department spokesman P.J Crowley said:"Some of the documents talked about a conflict that was under resourced and that was a fundamental element of the strategy review overseen by the president." 

These are basically the usual budget complaints in the Washington ballet. "Most of it is old news," said Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). "The emerging picture from this leak adds up to little more than what we knew already -- that the war in Afghanistan was deteriorating over the past several years and that we were not winning." In general these Wikileaks pentagon papers look and sound more like just Pentagon-leaks that only favors the Pentagon as most of these "leaks" are perfectly coincident with the DOD´s vision on the war situation. Actually most of these leaks seem indeed to aim at resuscitating some dead buried complaints against DOD´s allies or enemies, like Iran, Italy, France, Pakistan. Like the story of Nicola Calipari for example, that fires back to the Italian agent´s procedure the responsibility for his own death. 

After all these revelations were made you should hang on a second and ask yourself this question:  "Who this damn wikileaks works for?". Also, all documents not related to the Iraq war files have been removed from, and no submissions are currently accepted. And instead of continuing the Wiki-based approach that allows "the entire global community" to participate, WikiLeaks has given exclusive to a handful of mainstream media organizations and no longer allows the public to comment on documents. Except for Daniel Ellsberg whose video interview is posted on Wikileaks home page. What a coincidence! After forty years Dan Ellsbergs is back on the world stage with brand new "pentagon papers". Don´t you find it strange? In the end these Wikileaks papers reveal very little if any – information which incriminates the Presidency or damages the public´s perception of the government´s integrity quiet the contrary. 

Secondly, the documents do not provide anything new; they just confirm rumoured claims already in the public knowledge: that the war in Afghanistan is going badly and this could lead to send more troops there and buy more weapons and more war. As you certainly know the motto here is "no war no business".  The leaks then reveal that Coalition forces have been using Special Operations teams to conduct kills or capture missions against the Taliban leadership; and, most importantly, that the Pakistani intelligence agency (ISI) has been duplicitous in its cooperation with American forces 

I am not saying that Mr. Assange is a Public Relations expert who has been hired by the Pentagon or the US government as we do not have any evidence of it. More probably he might just be a jerk looking for a job being completely unaware he's helping just the forces of darkness who take him around. 

The major evidence is however to be found on the reactions from media and institutions, because in any media campaign what really matters is the reaction you provoke from your action. Here is the main and most important: "Wikileaks put the soldiers lives in great danger". And this is the main objective of all this huge propagandistic operation: to recall the audience that there´s a war going on somewhere and our poor soldiers are risking their lives and that these risks have been increased by the irresponsible behaviour of Wikileaks….so what we would need is more resources to the war abroad.

I just feel so sorry for the thousands of soldiers who are completely unaware of being part of a stupid media game that is fought just to gain more consent on their deployment and to tell the public the war is going badly from an apparent objective source.  

History repeating for those who know history. Do you remember Daniel Ellsberg and the pentagon papers back in 1971? This Ellsberg pretended to be an anti-war dude while he was a former marine and a military analyst who would never ever do something without being ordered from somebody above himself in the hierarchy. So let´s say he was ordered to disclose those toilet papers…

Indeed he was not fired nor condemned or even blamed because of this Pentagon papers leak (...) Richard Nixon himself affirmed (from his Oval Office tapes) that Ellsberg´s papers were almost "innocuous"… The truth is Wikileaks is more a typical public relations campaign that just sells propaganda to the dumbs. 

My suggestion to these people is next time you need a public relations strategy ask a real pro, not rookies like that Assange dude.

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