Thursday, April 25, 2013

Was Rick Smith linked to Chechnya too?????

While Fox News and CNN kept broadcasting their news shows where terrorism pundits were still talking about the links of the Boston Bombing to Iraq and Afghanistan , Rick Smith, the nephew of a small Illinois town killed five people including two children, in an apartment and died hours later after a high-speed chase and shootout with police.

Mainstream media keep trying to hypnotize America with the false flag of terrorism while mass murderers keep killing people on the streets of America.

How long we will be fooled by the American mainstream media? For how long yet we have to listen to such a pile of lies?

Rick Smith was no Al Qaeda. He was not from Afghanistan, he was actually the nephew of the mayor of a little town in Illinois. So why he did kill five people including two children? Maybe was he a Facebook member of a terrorist organization? Was he a secret member of an Islamic sect?

How much time it has to pass until mainstream media would tell us what's really going on in America?
Why we are undergoing such an amount of violence? Why we keep seeing this killing spree by mass murderers?
Is this terrorism? it can't be. Rick Smith was not a terrorist was the mayor's nephew and we know he had been involved in a custody dispute!!! Since when a custody dispute is a matter of Islamic terrorism?

The truth is America does not want to know the truth about this killing spree and the truth is this violence lies inside the very heart of the American society. It's hatred that comes from a desperate society which puts all kind of barriers among people. Here we have a custody battle, why in America people have to kill for a custody battle? Why America is the only country where parents are indicted for kidnapping because some of the parents decides to take his own children and flee with them?

Why the FBI had to go chasing the Hakken family last week becaue they took their children and went to Cuba? That's simply UNBELIEVABLE. What country denies its own citizens the basic healthcare and forbids them the custody of their children because they smoke weed?

There's something wrong in America, a country which government seems to be a little too much against its own citizens, everything in America seems to be against the human being. Why? The world, planet earth has been created for the humankind to live freely. I never heard a single case in Europe where a single parent or a divorced parent has ever been indicted, charged or wanted for minor kidnapping, except maybe in very rare exceptions involving foreign citizens from third world countries. Why America has a custody system that does not work and mostly that produce such level of hatred and violence? Maybe there's something wrong in it.

You add this thing to the lack of communication that already characterize the American society, you add the free circulation of all kind of guns and the game is on!!!  Ole'!!!!

Then you can bring up terrorism, Islam, Al Qaeda, whatever you like, but you can't fool yourself, America has to face the inner cause of this giant amount of violence that affects the American society.

I think here we need instead to bring up a say from a man whose name was Abraham Lincoln:

"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time".


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