Sunday, April 28, 2013

Is mandatory Happiness behind the Boston Bombing?

FACTORY OF MASS MURDERERS: Clockwise from left, above on the left Jared Lee Laughner who pleaded guilty to 19 charges of murder and attempted murder in connection with the shooting in Tucson, Arizona, on January 8, 2011, in which he shot and severely injured U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords, his target, and killed six people, including Chief U.S. District Court Judge John Roll, as well as a 9-year-old girl, Christina-Taylor Green,  Adam Lanza who fatally shot twenty children and six adult staff members in a mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the village of Sandy Hook in Newtown, Connecticut. Before driving to the school, Lanza had shot and killed his mother Nancy at their Newtown home. James Holmes, the perpetrator of a mass shooting that occurred on July 20, 2012 at a Century movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, which killed 12 people and injured 58 others. Tamerlan Tsarnaev is responsible of the April 15, 2013, Boston Marathon bombings. The two bombs, detonated approximately 13 seconds apart, killed 3 people and injured 264 others. He also killed MIT Police officer Sean Collier in Cambridge. Center: Rick Smith the nephew of a mayor's small Illinois town killed five people, including two children, in an apartment and died hours later after a high-speed chase and shootout with police.

While Fox News terrorism pundits talked about Iraq and Afghanistan and how Islamic terrorism is behind the Boston Bombing,  Rick Smith, the nephew of the Mayor of  Manchester, a small town of 350 in the state of Illinois, killed five people with a shotgun including two children, in an apartment. One more people than those killed by the Tsarnaev brothers during the Boston Bombing. Eventually Smith died hours later after a high-speed chase and shootout with police.

Was Rick Smith an Islamic terrorist with links to Al Qaeda and Chechnya?

No. Rick Smith was a man who was fighting against his ex wife for the custody of his children. Smith had been going through a messy custody battle with the great-grandmother Joanne Sinclair's daughter over their four-year-old child. But people who knew Smith described him as a quiet guy who kept to himself, living in a rural area just outside town."He would drive by and wave at you," said Corey Lomelino, 21.

Just by chance is the same kind of comments that acquaintances of ALL the other mass murderers said of these killers: "he was such a nice guy" "he was a very cool guy" " he was absolutely a normal guy".

The worst aspect about this problem is the fact that the American society pretends not to know where these people really come from.These people do not come from another galaxy where evil men are sent to America to kill Americans. These mass murderers are made in U.S.A.

America must start thinking in a completely different fashion because these people will strike again and again and again. No question about it. The funny thing about all this is that we perfectly know the very reason why these events keep happening but nobody wants to talk about it nor to take it in a serious way. Why? Because Americans are defensive people who don’t want to discuss about themselves.

The worst aspect about this phenomenon is the fact that Americans are deeply convinced that these young mass murderers are evil people coming from another planet, or that there’s something wrong with their mind and there's absolutely nothing we can do to stop them, except maybe calling the authorities and let them deal with these wackos once their bubble is exploded. Those who really don't know anything about this phenomenon they think these are terrorists who want to destroy the American way of life because that's what they heard on tv.

Nothing could be further from the truth. This is a social phenomenon entirely produced by the American society which can be prevented by ourselves and ourselves only.

A funny aspect of this phenomenon is the fact that everyone of these killers are eventually described by neighbours, co-workers, friends, acquaintances and loved ones as: "he was such a sweet guy"  "he was a very cool guy"  "he was a normal guy".

So the question is: "were these people's perception that wrong? or maybe these mass murderers are all such great actors that they were able to completely hide their real emotions?"

The answer is: both.

Indeed the reason why these things keep happening in America more than in any other country in the world is because of one single reason: people here do not have real relationships but just superficial ones.

Relationships in America tend to float on the very surface, because two of the basic American values are freedom and correctness, which basically keep every individual closed in his own universe and we like to keep it that way.

I am not here to judge the American way of life I am here to report a problem and what's the best way to solve it in order to achieve a state of things that next time there's a public event we don't have to worry that something might blow up and kill someone.

I think this pattern of freedom and correctness which rule over the American society is not a very efficient mechanism, in terms of reaching the common good, because its dynamics are based upon selfishness narrow-mindedness and mostly laziness, while at the same time it's the most gigantic difference between America and the rest of the Western world.

I perfectly relate to the sense of despair and alienation that most of the people who migrate to America might feel, including what Tamerlan Tsarnaev said about Americans: "I don't have a single American friend, I don't understand them".

Indeed what Tamerlan said is something very common in America as the majority of young Americans they feel just like he did but they were "educated" not to express their loneliness or their despair because in America  you are not allowed to speak to other people about your inner feelings, or your real personal emotions as people in America do not want to feel obliged to listen what you have to say (unless you are both drunk). Generally speaking, people in America just want to speak about the weather or the traffic and while you speak about these topics you also have to smile to the person you are talking to.

The problem is here people do not talk to each other like they do in other Western countries because in America you are not allowed to talk to others "for real". When I say "for real" I mean speaking on a real level, like exchanging real feelings, real judgments, real emotions, like it happens for example in Italy, France or Spain.

Indeed it seems that in the U.S. speaking your mind is absolutely forbidden. In America you can't tell straight what you think of your friend, because he/she will get offended, his privacy invaded and he would tell you “that’s not your business!!!” “Why you re so judgmental???” “Who are you to express such judgement over me???”

If you tell anyone what you think of a certain situation or of a certain people they will just tell you to shut up and that you are not allowed to express judgments over other people. "You are too judgmental!!!" “who are you to judge other people????”

I have been told to shut up so many times... but despite the fact people warned me to shut up I kept expressing my mind because that’s me and I won’t ever give up expressing myself. That’s my personality, my culture and because I am a friendly nice lovely guy (a real one) people started to accept me and when introducing myself to other people my friends felt to justify my attitude by saying “you know he’s Italian he doesn't speak the language…he did not mean to be so rude...”

In America nobody would ever tell you that you are not handsome or that you are fat or retarded. Why? Because people in America don't speak the truth. It's absolutely forbidden. It's a TABOO. Although they call it "Correctness".

Americans say this is a matter of correctness, but I don't buy it. The truth is that Americans are very very lazy when it’s about emotions and it's about sustaining a real conversation. According to the American model Emotions and personal judgement are something you have to cope with yourself, or your shrink but certainly not with your friends. That’s why American shrinks make millions.

In fact every time you meet a friend you don’t want to talk about your identity problems, your emotional sphere or why you did behave in a certain way, because it’s too damn stressful! Although this is what Americans should do if they want to avoid more serial killers to show up every day at someone's door. American people must start talking to each other on a real level and stop being defensive or scared about their own emotions.

This is the greatest and the most gigantic problem of the American society today. Because until you will be able to speak the truth to the person in front of you, that person will never know what you think and most important who you are and you will never know what he thinks. Not only. Why you should tell a friend what he looks like or what he should do to be less annoying?


Well because by doing so, it will help him to mirror himself, to know himself and to better know those around him.  γνῶθι σεαυτόν, said Greek Philosopher Socrates, "Know Thyself!"  so that you will know the Universe and the gods. How can you deal with yourself, your emotions, your fears, your passions, if you don't know them? That's what we need the other people for.

Such an important commandment seems to be completely unknown in America. The American society might share the Socratic motto only if you are a self-reliant individual who is able to know himself by himself, without asking anyone for help. It's the self-made-manhood way of thinking. Anything but don't ask other people to help you out with your identity. In the end it's not about real freedom and correctness but selfishness and falseness.

When you bring up the word "freedom" everyone holds on, because freedom, real freedom is absolutely king and nobody would ever disagree or be able to make any kind of objection, especially myself obviously.
The problem is you call freedom something that is instead selfishness, not freedom. Because real freedom is based upon free will, but if you are not able to determine your free will you won't ever be free.

Living in a society means giving up a little of your freedom not only to respect other people but for the good of the society itself. The good of a community must come from every individual who is part of it.
Everyone has to give his own contribution, and this contribution, the most important part of it, it's to help others to mirror themselves. That's the most important contribution you have to give to the community you live in. Know yourself and know the people around you. Although when I say "knowing them" I mean knowing them FOR REAL and not like neighbors and classmates said they knew James Holmes, Jared Lee Loughner or Adam Lanza..."he was such a nice guy..." that's the way they knew them.
They thought they knew them

I am talking about knowing people FOR REAL, not just superficially as it is now. In order to achieve people to know each other for real we have to change the way Americans talk to each other. Change for good, because we don't want mass murderers to go around anymore. That's why. And the only way to get rid of mass murderers is to talk to them, talk to the desperate lonely alienated people and don't leave them alone because they will start spacing out about killing those who left them isolated. Obviously it's not just about talking to the lunatics because anyone can become lunatic one day, so we have to talk in deep between each other on a 360° basis and every time we meet someone we hang out with. From the garbage man to our neighbor to our co-worker. Be judgmental  go in deep, don't stay in the surface. That's for the good of society, for the goodness of yourself and your family, it's not about correctness and being invasive, it's about social goodness, personal goodness, family goodness.

For thousands of years, before America was founded and also today, the Western World, completely relied upon the concept of  πόλις. The Polis is the city, a community of people who live together in order to reach the common good. Plato never speaks about individual good but always about the common good, which is reached by a community of people who live together. A community is not just a material place where people live together, it's instead a place where people live together to implement their own lives day by day. The community can be defined as such only if the people who are part of it they all work together helping each other to improve their lives day by day.And the only way to improve a community is to know each other at the deepest possible level, so that I know what you think, I know what you are going to do because I know you. This is the direction that society must take to achieve social and spiritual progress. It's called Oneness.

There's a Neapolitan song called "tammurriata nera", it's a song written in 1944 by Italian writer Giovanni Ermete Gaeta. The song tells the story of a woman who delivers a black child after the American occupation of Naples in 1943. The song's words are narrated by a Greek choir, and one of its lines goes "ca parlamm ca parlamm ca stu fatt' ce spiegamm", that literally means "by talking and talking to each other we will get at the end of this". In practice it explains the way the local community tend to solve an unprecedented problem. Why this child was born black? "Let's talk about it all together and we will find out". This way of thinking, this way of solving someone's problem is the basis of the Western Culture and of the Western Civilization and in America this way of thinking has been completely lost and abandoned.

The heart of the whole Western Civilization and of the Greek Philosophy is based on the fact that the community is there to help when someone needs help. And that's exactly what went missing when Immigrants came to America. People from Italy used to meet themselves in the Piazza, Italy's social hub, to greet each other, to hang out and know how things were going. This is something that in the New World went completely lost. Eventually in the new Italian-American communities of the East Coast like in Philadelphia, there were some nostalgic Italian folks who did hang out at the street corners in a way to emulate the Italian piazza. They called them "Corner Philosophers" as a way to ridicule them, like if they were just some Italian lunatics who fooled around. In fact what those people felt inside of themselves was the need to re-establish a custom that found its origins in the Ancient Greece. Something that went completely lost in the new world. In America even in the small communities, freedom and correctness reign supremely.

Even after September 11, Hurricane Katrina and a number of other tragedies that hit large and small communities, we saw on tv the images of a number of people gathering with candles and stay together,
while President Obama said that when the moment of need has come Americans stay together and help each other in the best "American Spirit". Although after the tragedy is over the mourn is finished and the candles put out, everyone goes back home and shut their door behind their shoulders. Back to freedom and correctness and the American Spirit goes down to the basement.

Although we can't escape from our dna of Westerners, where for Westerner we mean the people who belong to the Western Civilization and the Western Culture. You can't escape from yourself.
That's why Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook and why Social Networks are so popular today. Culture is a circle and keeps coming back. What goes around comes around. No question about it.

The Western civilization cannot escape from itself and its destiny of building social aggregation, even under the form of software, because it's in our dna, in our history, in our identity of individuals and of society and when this natural mechanism is artificially stopped or altered that's when human beings start to suffer and that's when James Holmes, Jared Laughner, Adam Lanza and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev would show up. This clearly shows that the American model of communication and of social knowledge does not work. It can't work. Because it's an artificial way of living that doesn't reflect the traditional values of the Western society. Despite all the efforts you can make, it won't ever work Never ever! Because you can't take a human being away from himself, because he will die and before dying he will turn violent and kill as many people he can as a sign of disapproval towards that society that put him in that condition of isolation.

In America you will never find a girlfriend nor you will never understand why that particular person doesn't go out with you or does not invite you to his/her party unless you have a friend who is so generous to make you the giant favor of telling you what's so annoying about yourself so that you can change your wrong attitude. Although you have to have such a "great friend" who does you "such a great favor". A special friend and a special occasion! What a luck!

So what if you are Jared Lee Laughner or James Holmes or Adam Lanza or Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and you don’t have any friend who tells you what’s wrong with yourself or what do people think of yourself?
Simply You can’t mirror yourself and you get confused. You start losing your self perception. You go in front of a mirror and you see… nothing.

This type of dynamics gets even worse when something like this happens to someone who comes from a country where social relationships are real relationships, a place where people constantly talk to each other, they tell the truth to each other because this is part of their culture. If this is the case it can be more than a cultural shock.

You have to consider that each of these mass murderers were already lonely and alienated individuals.

In America alienated individuals tend to be always more marginalized by society because the American society does not tend to involve alienated people into its dynamics. American society tend to favor brilliant dynamic individuals, so if you are a lunatic lonely individual you are socially dead, however society wants you to die to disappear from the radar.

This fact increases the alienation feeling and it can produce a psychotic disorder because this glacial attitude of the American society towards the isolated individual makes you feel like in a hospital in which you are not welcome.

Coming from Italy I had this perception but being a strong, independent and self-reliant person  I absolutely had no problems about that attitude. The thing is, I am absolutely sure that most of my Italian friends would had a completely different reaction about this coldness and certainly they would never had been able to live in such a cold-blood environment.

You have to put yourself in the mind of someone who comes from a country where people are used to meet and speak to each other 24/7, and their attitude cannot change because we are human beings and not machines.

When you live half of your life in a real-relationship real-emotional environment and then you get thrown into a place where social relationship are only based on a very superficial level, it's absolutely normal these people felt absolutely alienated.

The proof is given by the fact that both Tsarnaev brothers claimed they did not have a single American friend while TV networks like CNN and FOX were able to find dozens of them. So it’s a totally different perception of the word "friend". Clearly under the American point of view "friend" had a very different meaning respect to the definition that Tamerlan Tsarnaev had.

Another curious aspect about American relationships is the fact that when you meet someone on the street and you ask “how re you doing” the answer is always “I am great”, “Awesome”, ”Excellent”, I never heard someone here in America saying “I am doing awful” or “things are really bad”, the worst I have heard was “I am ok” so that you understand things are not really good for that person but correctness stops that individual from expressing his real state of mind because you cannot share your evil epidemic of bad feeling into a happy society because then the society won't be happy anymore.

I heard many comments from my American acquaintances against French people when they visited France. They were complaining about the fact that French people were very rude with them and that they never smiled. This is another important aspect because it explains you the completely different perception that Americans have about social behavior. French people, like Europeans in general they don’t smile 24/7 because they don’t have to. European people they are free to express their emotional state whatever this could be as they don't know what correctness is. Correctness in Europe is not a mandatory concept, it doesn't exist. You don't have to smile to every people you meet. Some time ago I read in the news that George Clooney's Italian girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis was not welcome on the movie set where Clooney
was working because she did not smile enough and she was not a nice girl. She was actually behaving "moody". According to the movie people she should had been smiling all the time because that's the way
you behave in America, you have to be constantly happy, especially if you are George Clooney's girlfriend.
You are not allowed to be depressed, upset, or just sad. You must be happy!

French people don't care how they would come off to those who are in front of them, whether they re upset or sad or desperate, they just don’t care and they would had a facial expression that exactly reflects what they are feeling in that particular moment. Why? Simply because they are free, they are free to behave the way they like as nobody would tell them they are acting "moody". On the contrary in America you are not free to express your emotions, because when in a social or a working environment it is absolutely mandatory to smile and be happy! And that's not what a real society that pursue its common good is supposed to be like.

A real society, a real community would never ever accept correctness as its main rule because that's not how you reach the common good. You can only reach the common good throughout your true emotions, your true feelings, if you keep smiling you won't be able to understand how the person in front of you is really feeling, consequently you won't know who are you talking to and more consequently you won't be able to mirror yourself in the person you have in front of you. With the time passing by you will completely lose the perception of the other and you will be completely lost, unable to understand the world you live in. Instead you should always express your inner feelings, how you are really feeling in this specific moment, and tell the others around you about yourself, so that the others will know you are feeling in a certain way and they will be aware of what's going on and maybe they will be able to help you out and make you feel better.
That's what a community is supposed to be. People should tell the truth each other so that they can mirror themselves and have a deeper knowledge of who they are and who the people in front of you are. This way you won't ever ever say "he was such a nice guy", because without the filter of correctness you would be able to exactly know who is the person in front of you.

After having lived in America for a while, I realized that being not allowed to express judgments over people, this led the individual to become non-judgmental, meaning that people in America are not able to judge other people right away. I was just flabbergasted by the fact that some of my acquaintances they were asking me "how can you express a judgment over someone you just met?". HOW?? Because in Italy we use to judge people every second of our life, we judge everyone every second since we were born and we make fun of them, that's the way we spend our time and have fun and why we are such experts about knowing and judging people, we have been experiencing this during our whole lifetime.

I was getting even more surprised when I have read news stories about women who had been literally framed by men who were fortune-seekers or something along this line. I have read more than a story in which every of these women they were always asking themselves "how can you know a person before you really know him?".  I was left literally astonished. How do you know them? That's when I realized how lucky I was and how disgraced were these American women because of their non-judgmental attitude. If you don't experience judgement since you are a kid and under the guide of your parents, you won't ever ever be able to judge a person or a situation and you will be much more easily in danger once you meet someone who wants to hurt yourself. Paradoxically it might also happen you exchange a good Samaritan for a killer!!!!
So imagine in hindsight how important would be for the American society to develop such a predicting skill.

The other day I was reading a message on, in which there’s a weekly column called “Dear Prudence” Advice On Manners And Morals.

I am reporting here the whole message so that you make an opinion yourself:

Q. Haven't Lost That Nagging Feeling: My wife and I have a 7-year-old son who goes to after-school day care every weekday. It's staffed by people in their late teens/early 20s, all of whom seem perfectly nice. The other day, one of them, "Miss Diane," asked if she could drop by next weekend to pick up our son and take him to the park, and/or to get a snow cone, or something along those lines. Here's the thing: Neither my wife nor I can think of a single reason to say no to this request, but we both kind of have the creeps about it. I guess my question is twofold: 1) Are we being unreasonable? Everybody always says "follow your gut" in situations like this, but my gut isn't making a reasoned argument. And 2) If we go with our guts, is there a polite way to turn "Miss Diane" down?

This message clearly shows by both sides an enormous communication problem plus the inability to cope with other people's emotions  1) What triggers Miss Diane to go out with the 7 years old son is certainly weird 2) on the other side is also weird the parents reaction because they do not know how to deal with such a situation.

Do you think this is a normal situation? Both sides do not have any control over the person they have to deal with nor they know what they have to do.

“follow your gut”???? Here it’s not a matter of following one’s gut here is a matter of knowing people.

Miss Diane  is  a staff member of a day-care structure where your son goes everyday.

You feel weird that one day she comes up with a personal initiative involving your child? Why these parents never spoke to Miss Diane who just by chance takes care of their child every day? Why these people don't talk each other instead of writing to Prudence? Why the child’s parent does not talk to Miss Diane and ask her why she comes up with such a brilliant idea? Why Miss Diane comes up with such a brilliant idea without even talking before to the child’s parents? Why? WHY IN AMERICA PEOPLE DON'T TALK TO EACH OTHER? This is the perfect example to show you what happens when two people don't talk to each other. It happens that Miss Diane takes for granted she can ask the child's parents to take him out to the park. Maybe she literally jumped over some necessary passage? Before asking the parents to take their son out she should had at least known a little bit more the child's parents. Why Miss Diane did not talk to the child's parents? Why? Why she felt to take their son to the park without even feeling to ask them? I ll tell you why because she literally does not know how to do it, because NOBODY taught her how to judge other people, how to talk to other people, how to know other people. Miss Diane has a desperate need for a sentimental education, despite she works to a day-care structure. This is simply U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E.

I would had loved that something like this had happened to me because I would had invited Miss Diane to my home and to stay with our family for dinner, for after dinner and  I would had immediately suggested to go to the park all together and not just her and my child.

When I was a child when me and my family gathered for lunch I don't remember a single occasion when we did not talk about someone we knew. Although our talks were not just superficial, we tended to go really in deep in terms of people's psychology and we focused on the difference between how do they pretended to be and how they really were.

I do remember we ALWAYS made this distinction, because that's was the heart of our discussions at home. Obviously this is a game we made mostly among ourselves, and the most used sentence we used to say was "No sweetie you're not like that, you re not that way!"

So why the American society is non-judgmental and why smiling and correctness are real commandments? the answer is: because the American society is based upon business and if you want people to buy your products you have to smile. I am not sure about this explanation but that's the only reason I can come up with. Another one it could be that the popular culture is based upon the concept of mandatory happiness and this is when the American society becomes schizophrenic and serial killers and mass murderers would come in. No surprise.

However I hope Americans now understand the fact that being non-judgmental is not a very good thing for their society, because a society, any society, must be judgmental, at least as a family exercise inside your home and among loved ones you have to learn how to judge people, expressing judgments is absolutely crucial for a society not only to survive itself but to know itself and improve itself day by day.

I have nothing against the fact of being non-judgmental, actually is something I absolutely share as a social value, because you never know who you are dealing with, right?

It is not conceivable to base a whole society over smiling and happiness, because life is not about smiling and happiness, life is also about sufferance, despair, loneliness and tragedy, if you pretend these feelings do not exist or you hide them from your sight you are hiding reality from your own eyes. Although reality won't go away, it will always be there. If you smile 24/7 even if you are dying inside of yourself it’s absolutely sure that you become a schizophrenic. No question about it. Also you won't be able to cope with sufferance, you won't be able to recognize sufferance. In practice it's a real disaster so no wonder then if your society will produce mass murderers, because those people will justify their actions on the basis of the very structures of the society they come from.

I don’t care if with this article people will get upset because this is the therapy Americans need to fix things up, to work things up, to set everything right as I am really tired of seeing a schizophrenic society self-destroying itself. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Americans have enormous potential, it's probably the most talented people in the world but they lose themselves in a glass of water because they don’t know how to deal with their emotions. And they don’t know to deal with their emotions simply because they don’t want to. And this is laziness and selfishness. Although nobody would care about this laziness if it wouldn't create mass murderers…..

The majority of Americans might think “Fuck that!!! That’s a bunch of bullshits!!!
Ok you can let things be the same forever but then do not complain if more mass murderers show up at your doorstep, more serial killers and more child molesters will get busy on your neighborhood  and in your city without you even realize it because you did not talk to them. Eventually you will say: “he was such a nice guy!” or someone else will say it if you were one of his victims.

It’s up to you, you decide.

You can choose to leave things this way with your political correctness, your anti-judgmental attitude and have a growing number of mass murderers or you can try to face this problem in the best American tradition of facing problems with your efficiency approach and start to speak more about yourself, and listen more to what really worries your daughter, your son, your wife, your friend, your neighbor, your co-worker and help them out. Maybe you will be able to save a life or more than one and in the end you won’t need to save anyone because society will be able to heal itself.

In fact in America things are going to get much worse than this, because the American society is responding in the worst possible way to this lack of communication.

First of all the mainstream media they completely ignore this aspect of American society, they don’t know anything about it or they don’t want to deal with it because even facing this issue is a TABOO in itself.

I do remember yesterday night when on CNN Christiane Amanpour was talking on the phone to a “friend” of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev after this person told Amanpour that he saw Tsarnaev in a Dorm party just two days before the bombing. According to this person, Tsarnaev was acting like a “normal guy” and she went “Do you know what possibly could be the motive for such a behavior  Do you give yourself an explanation?”. Obviously the Dzhokhar friend’s answer was “no”.

Although the really surprising thing is the fact that no media, no journalist, no commentator brought up the American society when discussing the social phenomenon of mass murderers, who by chance are always and always more teenagers. Jared Lee Loughner was 24 at the time of the attack, Adam Lanza was 20, James Holmes 26, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was just 19. Why on your opinion?  Because teenagers are those who suffer loneliness, lack of communication and abandonment much more than older people.

The funny thing is that right after the revelation of who the authors of the Boston Bombing were, mainstream media like CNN, Fox News, Sky News, they all invited Terrorism experts to weigh in and talk about the possible connection between Chechnya and United States, even if those two brothers were not even from Chechnya but from Dagestan. Why the mainstream media and the public opinion in general have been trying with all their means to establish a connection between these two lunatic brothers and terrorist organizations? Simply because they were not able to provide the real explanation, because the real explanation would had been much more difficult to explain and much more difficult to cope with… how can you possibly deal with such an issue? If they had blamed the Americans themselves for these killings probably people would had crashed into the network studios.

I mean mainstream media cannot blame American society for something that two individuals from another country have done, America is the country of individual responsibility FUCK YOU!!!
Yeah! That's the way to solve the problem!! Let's buy more guns to kill these evil men!

In fact the possible solutions that public opinion and mainstream media would propose in order for such events as the Boston Bombing not to happen is to tighten homeland security, to raise checks and controls, to avoid people from carrying backpacks during public events, etc…..and this is just other sufferance, that piles up over a society which is already in a tremendous state of sufferance and it's unable to take care of itself.

America just does not want to face the real problem and it’s just taking the opposite way to solve a problem that lives INSIDE the American society. I just read on the news today that Senators Graham and McCain have since weighed in in support of classifying Tsarnaev as an "enemy combatant" and approve of the decision not to immediately read him his Miranda rights. Do you realize that these two old men are just worsening the situation? Senator McCain and Senator Graham simply demonstrated to completely ignore  the real situation and that the only guilty people for the Boston Bombing are instead themselves and people like them.

Another extremely serious consequence of the closing of the American society is the relatively new phenomenon of the New Apocalyptics, which is also much advertised on tv with a series on National Geographic Channel. I just watched a couple of episodes of this new series and really I had shivers all over my body: these people gather tons of guns, food, water, ammunition and get more and more isolated from other people and their own community. In their own personal Apocalyptic scenario the thing that they fear the most are the other people, the people in need who might knock on their door once their apocalyptic scenario will occur. They think to the other people as enemies to shoot with a gun. Do you realize how crazy this is? This is exactly the opposite direction that the American society must take immediately. This kind of attitude will completely destroy America. Being these the facts you can tell without a doubt that the only and the worst enemy of America are Americans themselves. Do you realize how sad this is?

Do you think this is the direction that an open society should take? The worst aspect of this is the fact that a mainstream channel like National Geographic is promoting such a phenomenon and they call experts to rate the level of preparedness of these sick people. Instead of promoting social hubs and open up their homes, Americans close themselves in their homes like in a fortress and they are ready to shoot whoever cross their  fence. That's the real progress, that's the right direction Americans have to take to improve their lives. Thumb up!

The real Apocalypse is the closed mind attitude that American society is developing more and more towards other people, towards their own citizens, and obviously towards themselves

The American government doesn’t blame the American society nor itself for the monsters that they are creating, instead the government thinks that mass murderers come from another planet that is inhabited by evil men while the government and the authorities are the righteous shepherds who care the epidermic.

If the American society won't stop closing on itself, it will end soon into an apocalypse of killings, because with the increasing number of gun-owners Americans will end in killing each other, instead what they should do it's just talking a little bit more openly and being more judgmental over each other.

E Pluribus Unum.

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