Wednesday, May 8, 2013

God save David Cameron!

    The Dalai Lama with British Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg     
      Photo: Clifford Shirley

A month has passed since the death of Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, although it seems her "iron-energy" still  flutters within the rooms of number 10.

Here's the story: The government of China wants Mr Cameron to apologize for hosting Tibet’s spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, who disputes Beijing’s territorial claims on the region. 

The British Government insists there is nothing to apologize for.

Sebastian Wood, Britain’s ambassador in Beijing, was summoned to the foreign ministry to receive a rebuke from China’s vice-foreign minister Mr. Sang Tao. The foreign ministry said the meeting with the exiled Tibetan leader had “seriously interfered with China’s internal affairs”. Mr Song urged Britain to take “practical actions to correct the error”.

However, the pleas were ignored, and China is now exerting public pressure on the Government to bow to its demands and make amends.

The standoff has frozen diplomatic relations between the two countries and it could put at risk Chinese investment in Britain, which was worth £8 billion last year.

In today's world where everything is based upon the concept of business and profitability, Mr. David Cameron's position can be defined as more unique than rare. 

Indeed David Cameron's firm position towards the Chinese government's request for an apology reminds me  of those great British leaders of the past like Winston Churchill or Mrs.Thatcher, who in the best British tradition they held firm positions when it's a matter of principle. Great Britain never took orders from anyone, (except maybe in the decade 1997/2007).

Here the principle is Tibet has the right to exist as an autonomous state, according to the most basic principle of a thing called Democracy, which is based upon the right of nations to self-determination, which is the cardinal principle in modern international law.

Great Britain is the cradle of Democracy, China is a political regime which still denies to its citizens the most basic human rights and freedoms. David Cameron's position, which only apparently and for short-sighted observers goes against the very same economic interests of Great Britain, should instead be taken as an example of government virtue by all the world's governments. Because in a time when only economic interest and business opportunities lead government choices, Mr. Cameron firm position, represents the direction where the world must turn to.

Besides, everybody knows that China needs Britain way more than the contrary, the evidence is the fact that China's diplomatic machine is working to restore good relations with Britain as soon as possible.

Being these the facts, the PM's position clearly shows that my personal motto reveals to be true:
"power is of whom exercises it".

David Cameron's show of force is a real sign of hope for the whole world, hope that we have a real chance to change the world for the better, than we can change the bad and the ugly to good and beautiful, we just need strong leaders like David Cameron.

The people of Great Britain should fully support his leader for such a demonstration of courage, mostly because his position reflects Democracy at its best, in a time of spiritual aridity, David Cameron is the rainbow that leads the way not only for Great Britain and the Western world, but for humankind as a whole.

God save David Cameron!

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